Hello, my name Zahrina Nabilah and I want to find travelmate to traveling around Indonesia. I have been finding for along time, because finding this kind of travelmate, just like finding your shoes to go somewhere. You need to fix it in a good condition because he will accompany you in your traveling time. In this year, I have a big plan, my plan called #20151522’s project. 20151522 coming from in this year of 2015, I want to travel around 15 cities in Indonesia, 2 islands, and 2 countries. Anyway you can see my stories and photos in my blog and my instagram @zahrinabilah , you can search it with hastag #20151522
                In this middle year, I had through some journeys. Well for completing this project and explore the beauty of Indonesia, I went to Gili Labak. People nowadays talk about Gili Labak Island. It is located near Madura Island. From Surabaya to Madura Island, you can through Suramadu Bridge. Then You have to stay for a night in Kalianget harbour In Sumenep City. The best time for going to Madura Island is in the afternoon, then you’ll stay in home stay thatlocated in Kalianget to relax your body, then in the middle of the night, around 2 AM you have to sail to Gili Labak, use fisherman’s ship.
                Don’t worry if you don’t have much money. That’s why I give you suggestion that it's better go to Gili Labak with your group of friends, and please don’t go alone because going along with your group can minimize your cost. Well, like you can use car to go to Madura Island, or if you go with bigger group with more persons, you can go there by bus. Don’t worry with parking area because there is available parking area near home stay. You don’t need to get confuse about the access to go to home stay and harbour, because it is very near. But remember, you have to book the homestay that near from theharbour. You only pay 40K per night, and for book the fisherman’s ship only around 450k that One ship contain around 13 peoples.
                Come to gili labak in dawn time you will see the unforgettable experiences . First although it such as uncommon activity that you through the ocean in the middle of night by ship and you can only see the moon as your light, but you will see the beautiful sunrise as you arrive in Gili Labak. You have to be patient too, because from Kalianget to Gili Labak takes 2 hours.
                If you search about Gili Labak in the internet, most of the reviewer said that Gili Labak is heaven of Madura. And that’s why I choose Gili Labak as my destination. But, by the way, the first impression when my ship arrived in shoreline was little bit shock because I saw rubbish everywhere. And the sandbeach is not too clean. Maybe, because this island have already occupied by some residents.
                Luckily, I go there with our group project. Yes! We did bakti sosial , so that I can interact with the citizen there. Maybe You imagine that I can did some long interview with the residents, but the fact, I couldn't did it, because most of the residents couldn’t speak Bahasa Indonesia, they only speak bahasa madura while I couldn't understand and spoke bahasa madura
                From this small thing, I think too long this is not big problem if most of the people can’t speak Bahasa Indonesia, because in the different area or in the primitive area in Indonesia, most of the people, can’t speak Bahasa Indonesia too. So In my opinion, Bahasa Indonesia is not the first language for some Indonesian. The environment is different too. When I live in Surabaya surrounded by big mall, it is very quiet different here. There is no mall here, and it just like you must went to Madura island and take 2 hours then you can see the crowd city. Of course, I felt I can hug the beach and all the nature thing there.
                Just like the feeling when you wait for breakfast from your mother, I can’t wait to go to snorkeling. But before you decided to snorkling, you should use the sunblock, because it helps you protect against the sunburn. Then The most important thing is you should keep the under water enviroment clean, No damage anything while you are snorkeling. Sure, this is the second time I did snorkeling, and sorry God! If Istepped on coral reefs.
                I didn’t know where is the good spot to snorkling in Gili Labak, but I have swum around Gili Labak and I didn’t find any good spot to snorkling. The situation of under water just like usual. Or maybe because some beautiful fish and the beautiful coral reefs already lost or broken because some activity near shoreline. This is not virgin island again. So many tourist that come here, but anyway I can’t say that this is totally mistake from tourist, but also the citizen who live here. Because I see in the shoreline so many trash of wigs, former rubbish activities of people , though mostly , it seems also trash from visitors . When you start viewing towards the beach, You see paradise to be tough on, but when you turn directions to the beach , you will find a lot of garbage .

             of course Gili Labak is recommended place to go, because Gili Labak will give you beautiful scenery that can you took and upload it, in your social media. You must give the Gili Labak feedback, don’t broke the terumbu karang and help the Gili Labak’ residents to keep the island clean.

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