How I met Sarah - French

Thank you for keeping your eyes stay tune on my blog. All of you are my sweetheart! Haha! 
Well,  actually I dont have any self-assured to write in english. But, just because to support my good score on IELTS, let me try to use approriate english. LOLS. So, if you find some mistakes here, just comment below or text me, and I'll fix it.

anw, I have been thinking about how can I get married with foreigner if my english was so bad! How can i teach my kids then. 
Sarah Recher ans Zahrina Nabilah

Her last day in Surabaya - 2017

In this post, I'm going to tell you about my best friend from French. My first friend from french-the one and only who can understand how Nabila is..

Her name is Sarah. I met her because She were my buddy (saying this in a formal way, you can check here for the reason). Yup! I was student guide for international student in my university.  Well, let say because sarah took AMERTA program in my university.

Sarah is kind a fun-loving girl, laid-back in every situation, and fair-minded. I remembered my first time sending her email, say hello through email. My imagination brought me in situation where french people is not humble and arrogant. After met Sarah, all those bad imagination just falling down, because Queen Sarah has beautiful heart like her appearance.

Brave girl and the real traveler is how I called Sarah. She loves travel a lot! (Maybe when I'm writing this blog, she is still in Nepal with her boy friend). 

She had visited my parent house even only a minute in the same time when she came to my sister wedding with Hyunjae dan Mbak Vivi. We also made funny video about how to avaoid spicy food  and trying nasi padang only less than 1 euro.  Both of them had uploaded on youtube.

We talked a lot about how both of us really want to travel the world and my barrier because of the culture and something else. From boyfriend till family, from what she didn't like till what to do in the future. 

Thank you Sarah!
6 months knowing you maybe is not enough, but you have been giving me a millions of kindness. I wish we could meet someday with what we had promised before. Dont you remember?

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